Awkward First Post


Welcome to my blog, I’ve just finished writing a fabulous piece about my blog so I can’t see the point writing much in my first post. View it —here

I mean, I don’t wanna get into the deep stuff yet, save that for another time (mainly because I’m a pretty uninteresting person, so I might get to the stage where my posts will be:


Went to school today. It was ok. I got maths homework. Its really hard.


Wow, that would suck.)

Anyway. I’m pretty bad at first posts, and I should know because I have three other (failed) accounts. I worked out, you can’t say your email is “” because you need to VERIFY it. Life is so hard.

Hey, that wasn’t to awkward. Dammit, now I have to come up with a “goodbye” or something, that I have to stick too for the rest of my blogging career or it will annoy me.

Ok. Here goes.

Thanks for reading this post. I probably wont consistently post, but … it will keep you on your toes (who?! The only person that is reading this is YOU, deciding whether to delete this account off every record possible.)


God dammit.

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7 thoughts on “Awkward First Post

  1. WHAT – that was an amazing first post; what are you TALKING about? 😛 I love it! Also I was gonna put a sarcastic email address when I signed up I encounted the same verification sadness 😦 The struggle is real.

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