Moving on…Wait no, I’m not dying its ok.


First, lets appreciate my title … And while your at it, check out my other posts! (Left-hand side) Ok. Now I forgot what I wanted to talk about.

Oh yeah! Moving on, socially.

In junior school, I used to be really shy. I even had this thing, I didn’t tell anyone about which was when I started talking to new adults, my eyes started to water. Luckily in year 4, or “3rd grade” in America, we had a male teacher that “pulled me outta my shell”. I was such a rebel. I was chewing on my pen once and he put his hand out, so he could confiscate it and I gave him my rubber instead. THE REBELLION HAS STARTED.

I wasn’t popular, but I’m pretty sure everyone like me. Apart from a few individuals, that I wont name for there privacy, *cough* Georgie. I only got a best friend in the end of year 4, she was a weird kid. Obsessed with dinosaurs and Pokémon, but we got on well. We began to drift apart, as I began to feel her obsessions annoying, and I made a new best friend, who wasn’t obsessed with dinosaurs which was refreshing.

She was SUPER nice and popular we were inseparable. (Lets call her Marina). Well that was until around senior school. Marina and I were separated into different classes, but we vowed to stay best friends. For a couple of years, we did. I didn’t make any new friends, it probably was some of the worst years of my life, luckily, my life has been pretty good so it wasn’t THAT bad! I was doing badly in school, I was liked but it wasn’t the same. I was unhappy. I didn’t have anyone, that I really had a connection with, if you know what I mean. Marina was in a different class from me, and I barely saw her each day.

I began to socialize with different groups. I wasn’t truly accepted though. That’s when, I spent one time with my dinosaur obsessed friend (Luckily she isn’t obsessed with them anymore, she’s moved onto memes and gym). She had made a new friend who laughed at EVERYTHING. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them. The next year, I was in more classes with Marina, she was delighted. But as I spent more time with her, I realised that it wasn’t fun to hang out with her anymore. Was it always that bland, spending time with her? Or have I just moved on? It might of been because I had made two new awesome friends. But I was happy again.

In senior school, there are different requirements to be popular. You need to be friends with other popular girls (meh), pretty (HELL YES), have a lot of branded clothes (not really), liked by the opposite gender (not yet) and confident. Marina didn’t really fit into all of these categories, she was pretty but not that confident, obsessed with boys and clothes. I know she was going through a harder time, not fitting into many groups. She still saw me as her best friend, but I didn’t.

She wasn’t fun to be around anymore.

What should I do? Should I tell her? Or should I just leave it? Has this ever happened to you?

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PS Just found this picture while searching for the featured image. I’ve never related more to something in my life.


9 thoughts on “Moving on…Wait no, I’m not dying its ok.

  1. It’s kinda normal to drift apart like this eventually. But maybe instead of being Best friends with her, you can just be friends with her. There isn’t any possible way to tell her you don’t want to be her best friend. She might just pick up the hints in the end. Goood luck! 🙂

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  2. You could try giving her some hints or maybe you could clearly talk to her because as a best friend or atleast as a human you should be honest. Never get into relationships that suffocate you! I loved the way you wrote that! maybe a lot like the way i write✌👍💕I wish you luck!❤👍💞

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