Photo Project


I’m not an “extra curricular” person, but I’ve started a D of E course, (in which you have to pick a skill, physical and volunteering, and do two of them for 3 months and one of them for 6).

My dad was a photographer, so I decided to try it out for my skill. I’m three weeks in, and I’m pretty proud of some of my photos, so I wanted to share my favourites! Hope you like them 🙂

The Door to Winter
The Invasion of Darkness


I Have Run Out of Dramatic Names


What should I call the one above?

The Devils Punch Bowl

Do you guys like photography? Which photo did you like the most? Any tips?

I am loving this project so maybe I might post some more pictures later on.

If your new to my blog, check out my About page here, but if you want (Please, please, please! I’m joking, I’m not that desperate … Yet) check out some of my more recent posts, such as: My Lazy Ass Brain and ♀ or ♂?? .

Thanks for all your support ❤



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