Stuck in my head


So this is kinda part two to my ♀ or ♂?? post. A lot has happened.

Too anyone that doesn’t know, keeping it short, I like a girl. She’s different to the type of person I would normally make friends with, so at first I thought. “Maybe this is just a new friend thing. I enjoy spending time with her”, I recon this is my first “crush” so I have absolutely no experience whatsoever. I knew something was different but I wasn’t sure what I wanted.

Did I want her to be my friend? Best friend? Or girlfriend? I wasn’t sure.

Its been a month now and we’ve got a lot closer. I don’t know if this is love or just a crush thing but the more time we spend together the more I like about her. Her sense of humour, when she calls me “awkward” and when she smiles like a child about to do something they know is wrong.

We sit next to each other in one class and I was expressing my hatred of the Geography and she suggested we bunked off together. I’ve bunked off before but I’ve tried to stop before anyone gets suspicious. I’m glad I went with her.


We messed around and hid from teachers, took pictures of each other looking shifty and contemplated what we should do. We talked. I love how she’s notices things about me, like who I’m comfortable with and my reaction to getting picked on in class.

  1. I find her cute and she’s not the typical blond, tanned type meaning I don’t just like her for her looks!!

  2. I can’t stop thinking about her

  3. I have the most fun when I’m with her

  4. I care more about what she thinks about me then I have for anyone else

  5. I overanalyse everything she says

  6. I can’t stop smiling right now


What do I do now? I’ve liked her for years but only got to know her recently. My first goal was to be friends then see what happens….

If I tell her I like her then what if she doesn’t like me back?! I don’t want to ruin out friendship, I’d prefer friends then nothing.

She is all I ever think about, this is something different. I know it.

She might not even be gay. Do feelings like this pass???




2 thoughts on “Stuck in my head

  1. It seems to be really cool between you too! And for the question to know if she’s gay or not maybe you could like talk about youtubers that are gay like Tyler Oakley for example (I hope I wrote his name right) then you could see how she reacts to gay people (hopefully it’s positive!) And I really hope it turns out good between you two! xxx

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