Get Over Her.


Its been a while, but as I said when I made this blog. I will only post when I need too.

Your too different to be together,
So why do you keep hoping?
You know it will never work,
So why do you keep trying?
You’ve never felt like this before.
So why does it seem so natural?
You think your confident and clever.
So why does that desert you when you meet her eyes?
You might forget her,
So why does it begin again when you see her smile?
You thought you knew what you were doing,

But you don’t.

 Blogging is like an emotional dump. That makes it sound horrible! I’m ruining the mood now. But in all seriousness, I have no idea what I’m doing, why I haven’t moved on because I know nothing can ever happen. When I was younger, I wished I would fall in love or even have a crush on someone. I changed my mind.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend!




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