Don’t worry,

This isn’t going to be long. Mainly because I have no idea what this blog is, or what I want it to be. I had a lot of difficulty making it, mainly because I want do desert those failures forever but unfortunately I ran out of emails. So now I had to change the password, username, delete all the posts, unfollow and block everyone I know who has a blog on the website.

I don’t want anyone I know seeing this. I needed a place to store my deepest thoughts, emotions and a place to tell stories without causing trouble. I want to talk about sexuality, parents, friends, everything.

If there is anyone still reading this, WAIT, I’m not done putting everyone off this blog yet. I’m not extremely poor, or extremely rich, I’m not famous, I’m not an explorer, detective, physiologist, I don’t have an interesting job, let alone a job. I’m a teenager, and I’m not even an interesting teenager. Any problems I have, aren’t even uncommon or exciting.


Knew I’d be good at this.

I’m not really focusing on likes, or follows (that’s good because even if I was I would still have 0). Whatever your looking for you are probably looking in the wrong place. Dam, I’m a convincing writer.

I cant force you to like my blog… But I can try. I’m joking I cant. But any support you give is appreciated! Check out my recent posts and have a good day 🙂

Lexi Rivers